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Опубликовано: 16.05.2017

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Cheap wicker is мейд out of plastic materials that will scratch, tear, and unravel over time. As you know, plastic is not biodegradable and will eventually fill our landfills with trash. Cheap wicker will look and feel fake. It will appear to look like a shiny piece of vinyl. Plastic wicker furniture is flimsy and will also stick to your skin when you sit on it. You will notice inconsistent texture in the material.

https://modernbedroom.us/product-category/wicker-rattan-headboards/is мейд out of a material called Polyethylene. Polyethylene is a synthetic resin that is eco-friendly and safe for the environment! Some strands are infused with UV inhibitors that prevent fading due to exposure to the sun. Polyethylene is highly durable, low-maintenance, and is мейд to withstand the elements. It is resistant to cracking, scratching, and fading. Plus it’s a sustainable material!

You may have seen cheaper sectionals at stores like Costco for a couple hundred dollars. Now you may be quick to assume that it’s a great deal because they purchase in bulk. While that may be partially true, the material and quality of these wicker sets are incomparable to those мейд with Polyethylene (PE). Polyethylene is very hard but also retains certain a level of resilience and flexibility. Resistant to cracking and scratching, it’s the best material for outdoor wicker furnishings.

Most consumers aren’t aware of the tedious process involved in making genuine wicker furniture. The outcome is a simple and sleek piece of outdoor furnishing that will complete your outdoor kitchen patio.

Let’s just clarify something for those who are a bit confused. Some people use wicker and rattan interchangeably. They are not the same. Wicker is a type of weave and rattan is a type of material. You can learn all about the differences between wicker and rattan by reading our previous blog post.

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